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48 Years of Premium Sawmill Services in Rolla, MO

The Best Lumber in Town

Founded in 1972, Doolittle Wood Products, LLC has been the No. 1 lumber provider in Rolla, MO. From log cutting and mill delivery to processing into lumber, we handle every step of production. When you need great lumber at affordable prices, pay our sawmill a visit and see what our helpful staff can do to make your next construction project a piece of cake.

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Our Company’s History

Our family-owned company is proud of our long history of providing the area with the best lumber around. We were originally founded with the name MJ Smith Sawmill, and while our name has changed, the family operating us hasn’t. Our current owner bought out his dad in 1986 and his mom in 2020, holding to the family tradition of a commitment to providing excellent products. We choose only the best trees to cut down and bring to our sawmill, where we put our decades of experience to work turning felled trees into the high-quality lumber we sell. 

A Team With Experience

With over 48 years of experience cutting down trees and turning them into top-quality lumber and wood, you can trust the skilled team of woodcutters and sawmill operators at Doolittle Wood Products. We promise all of our lumber and other wood products are the best you’ll find in town.

Great Prices

Get professionally cut lumber at prices that won’t break the bank. Doolittle Wood Products always promises to provide customers with quality lumber and wood at rates the competition can’t beat, so you can get to work on your next construction project without having to worry about taking a hit to your wallet.

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If you would like to know more about the premium lumber and logging services we provide at Doolittle Wood Products, call our sawmill today to get in touch with a staff member who would be happy to help you with any questions you have. Serving Phelps, Pulaski, and Maries counties in Missouri and shipping products to Chicago and beyond, we look forward to serving you with the best lumber available!